Let the Vancouver Biennale adventures begin!

9 Jun

It has been just over a week since I arrived in Vancouver, and I’ve already met some incredible people who are doing amazing work. I’m excited to be part of the Vancouver Biennale and for the opportunity to connect with other artists and community partners.

I’ve already learned a lot from those around me and it has been great spending time with other Biennale artists, including Andreas Strauss and my coordinator, Ken Lum.

(Andreas Strauss)

Meet Andreas, Ken and Camila. (Andreas Strauss)

Exploring a studio space. (Andreas Strauss)

Checking out one of the studio spaces. (Andreas Strauss)

I love new adventures and exploring new places. It has been refreshing creatively to be here, and I’ve enjoyed taking the time to dream big and appreciate my surroundings. It’s easy to move through life quickly, and forget to slow down and soak up the little moments.

A beautiful discovery on a hike with my friend. (Jenna Tenn-Yuk)

A beautiful discovery on a morning hike with my friend. (Jenna Tenn-Yuk)

Meet my friend, Molly. (Amanda Watson)

Enjoying my time with Molly and the mountains. (Amanda Watson)

I’m drawn to passionate people who want to make a difference in their communities, and there’s definitely exciting work happening in Vancouver. I’ve connected with some movers and shakers here, and I’m thrilled to be part of fostering this dialogue.

This week, I’ll be starting my workshops and I have a few performances and interviews. Feel free to tune in and/or check out the workshops if you’re in Vancouver.

I’m excited to see what happens as people explore the complexities of identity, spirituality and sexuality. I hope participants will see the power of their voices and will mutually learn from one another through their stories.

The F Word interview
Date: Monday, June 9
Time: 12pm
Vancouver Co-op Radio (online) or CFRO 100.5FM (Vancouver)

Vancouver Poetry Slam performance
Date: Monday, June 9
Time: 8pm
Place: Café Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Dr)

Spoken word workshop
Date: Wednesday, June 11
Time: 7pm
Place: Heartwood Community Café (317 E Broadway)
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1504765246404418

Spoken word workshop
Date: Sunday, June 15
Time: 1pm
Place: Heartwood Community Cafe (317 E Broadway)
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1504765246404418

I’ll be writing some blog posts for the Vancouver Biennale, so look out for more of my Vancouver adventures! I’ll also share how a random hug with a stranger three months ago got me here. Spoiler alert: that stranger happened to be the founder of the Vancouver Biennale, Barrie Mowatt.


2 Responses to “Let the Vancouver Biennale adventures begin!”

  1. Tiffany goertzen June 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

    You’re in my neighbourhood, Jenna
    (Well sorta). Enjoy your stay here!

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