I am a spoken word artist, public speaker, facilitator, singer-songwriter and storyteller. I am passionate about helping people find and speak their voices, and this is my personal blog.

I write about the importance of sharing your voice and story, discovering your potential and passions, and the complexities of identity. I also share my own spoken word poetry and music from time to time.

But I wasn’t always willing to tell my story.

I grew up in Mississauga playing sports until a knee injury sidelined me from the athletic world. I was devastated, but soon discovered my passions for music and writing. I completed my Royal Conservatory of Music grade 10 piano exam, and went to Carleton University for journalism where I also taught myself the guitar and discovered spoken word poetry.

I have performed and spoken nationally at TEDx, Pecha Kucha, Parliament Hill and numerous conferences. I was also a Vancouver Biennale artist-in-residence and member of the 2010 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Wild Card team.

I started a monthly poetry series, Words to Live By, at Pressed Cafe with an open mic and featured poet. I wanted to create an open space that encouraged first-time performers and women to share their work, and to give up-and-coming poets an opportunity to feature at a show.

Poetry, music and journalism have helped me find and speak my voice. I have seen how the scars of my past have become beautiful ways to connect with people’s hearts and stories. Stories are crucial for change and understanding, as well as an outlet for silenced souls. I hope you can connect with pieces of my story, and will discover the power of using your own voice.

I have a master’s degree in women’s studies at the University of Ottawa, where I have lectured on spoken word and activism, and conducted research on the local slam poetry scene. I have also written for the Huffington Post and the Ottawa Citizen. The views I express on this blog do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

If you are new to my site, here are some of my most popular posts. I look forward to hearing some of your stories!

Contact: jenna.tennyuk@gmail.com

Your voice matters. Your story matters.


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